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Inolav Brand Logo

Inolav is a dedicated and passionate company that manufactures high quality bath furniture and fixtures. Their product selection includes bathroom vanities, basins, counter tops, faucets, drains, mirrors and accessories. Inolav accounts for many years of experience among its founders and designers. People that care and take pride in what they do. The plan was to create a company that was different from the rest. A place where engineers,designers, and workers come together in perfect harmony. Using its outstanding facilities, covering an area of 250,000 square meters, Inolav strives to be one of the leading providers of domestic bath products in United States.

TOTO Brand Logo

TOTO has been making life cleaner, healthier, more comfortable and more beautiful for almost a century because we approach every innovation with a focus on people. True to the innovative spirit of founder Kazuchiku Okura, TOTO works to create the finest products possible. We’re grateful for the critical acclaim they receive, but even more for the high level of trust they have earned with people around the world. Today, TOTO is recognized as one of the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturers and is globally recognized as a leader in research and development, engineering, sustainability, and performance design for the bathroom.

GROHE Brand Logo

Quality, technology, design and sustainability. Four brand values that illustrate their commitment to creating exceptional experiences. Grohe sets their standards extremely high to ensure that every time you turn on a GROHE faucet or step into a GROHE shower you can feel the difference. At GROHE, design is more than just aesthetic trappings. It is a quality feature and stands for the perfect synthesis of form and function.

MZ brand logo

MZ DEL RIO, a Spanish family-owned company which has been manufacturing bathroom items since 1951. Since it was founded by the Del Río brothers, its main activity has been focused on the manufacture of brass faucets and drains. MZ operates in 22 countries, mainly in the Americas and Europe. They have a commercial network of nearly 2,000 customers including a warehouse in Miami, Florida (USA) from where we distribute our goods to the U.S. and Caribbean markets. They are a dynamic, flexible and accessible company with great ability to adapt to market requirements, both in terms of service and design as well as introducing technical adaptations to each market.

Atlantis whirpool brand logo

Atlantis Whirlpools is among the most trusted and reliable source of Jacuzzi bathtubs and products in North America. Atlantis Whirlpools is one of the most prestigious and fastest growing manufacturers in the United States. Their main production facility is conveniently located in Miami, Florida. Their expertise and knowledge in the product line is unmatched. Atlantis has a dedicated and educated staff to help you with any inquiries you may have.